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Five Tips to Avoid Falling for Online Scams

Most victims of cybercrime are not well off financially. No matter what financial circumstances you are in, never fall for online scams.

Put the University in Your Hands with the (New!) myAPUS App

As an AMU or APU student, learning is even more flexible with the new myAPUS app, now available for your iOS (Apple) or Android mobile phone or tablet.

Why Applied Doctorates are Valuable in Graduate Culture and Today's Workplace

In this podcast, we sat down with Dr. Jennifer Douglas to discuss the brand-new doctoral degree programs offered by American Public University System.

Creating a Budget Will Start You on Your Journey to Financial Success

For adults, most bills and expenses are unavoidable. I have come up with these guidelines about a budget and the challenges of financial planning.

Student Profile: Educating New Generations and Training Teachers

Students deserve to have every opportunity to learn; it is up to teachers and leaders to find the best ways to support and assist them in doing that.

Time Management, Prioritizing and Balance Are Key to Staying Focused for Online Students

We recently asked our students how they stay focused on their academic goals during the summer. Time management, prioritization and balance were key.

Military Personnel and Veterans Need to Understand the Value of Education

At various stages in our military careers and after we become veterans, we need to recognize the value of education. Education has always been there for us.

Doctoral Admissions: What You Need to Know About Applying

In this podcast, APUS's Jessica Stasiw discusses the admissions process for new doctoral degree students with Doctoral Admissions Coach Heather Bloszinsky.