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Conferral versus Commencement: Understanding the Graduation Process

It is important to understand the program completion process. A frequent question is “What is the difference between conferral and commencement?”

Why College Instructors Become Accidental Writing Coaches

Today’s teachers will have to become writing coaches and coaches of social change. Without that change, students will struggle with long-form writing.

Competency-Based Education Might Permanently Alter Secondary and College Education

Competency-based education gives students the time to master skills at their own pace. In addition, this new educational method aids student retention.

Cybersecurity Breaches: Why Do Organizations Still Allow Themselves to Remain Vulnerable?

Security breaches should be studied to determine what happened and what lessons can be learned from them to further improve the field of cybersecurity.

APUS Alumni Stories: Steve Gonzalez Epitomizes Service, Safety, and Protection

As one of many distinguished AMU alumni, Steve used his education to establish a rewarding career and improve the well-being of his family and community.

Which One Better Qualifies You: Education or Experience?

As a society, we place great emphasis on education and a societal hierarchy based on degree levels. But how far does that education go?

You've Got Your Degree: Now It's Time to Develop Your Post-Graduation Plan

If you recently earned your college degree, you might wonder what your next steps should be. Here are a few tips for developing a post-graduation plan.

Why Emergency Education for Children Is Important: Teaching 'Stop the Bleed'

Children are aware of their surroundings. If we give them the right tools and knowledge, they will act accordingly when they face a serious emergency.