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Basic Eligibility Criteria for Receiving FSA

To receive Federal Student Aid (FSA) funding, you must meet basic FSA eligibility criteria mandated by the U.S. Department of Education (ED).

How to Determine if a Certificate or a Minor Is Best for You

Many students are interested in a certificate or a minor to fulfill personal or professional goals or to grow their knowledge in a specific field.

Setting Loan Repayment Goals and Avoiding Loan Delinquency

There are numerous loan repayment plans and your loan servicer can help you select the plan that best fits your current budget.

Reaching Academic Goals by Tackling One Problem, Then One Day at a Time

You will achieve your academic goals. Every problem we face is just an opportunity for growth, so slowly but surely, you can get your degree.

Higher Education Must Remain Relevant to the Workplace to Survive

What makes institutions unique and relevant? How can students see the value that higher education adds to their lives in the short term and the long term?

Podcast: APUS Experts Discuss Two New Doctoral Degree Programs

Experts Dr. Nicole Drumhiller and Dr. Kate Brannum offer advice on the value of a doctoral degree and factors to consider when pursuing a terminal degree.

The Importance of Listening to Industry Advisory Boards in Higher Education, Part 2

At the annual Industry Advisory Council, one discussion involved how to better prepare students for entry into their designated fields.

Managing Your Free Time Wisely as a College Student

As a college student, you probably will not have much free time. So it is important to utilize what little free time you have in a positive way.