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The Importance of Listening to Industry Advisory Boards in Higher Education, Part 1

Organizations look for job candidates who have a good sense of self and will step up to the plate. It’s up to us in higher education to make that happen.

Choosing the Right Degree Program When You're an Undecided Student

College is the ideal time to explore new ideas, cultures and viewpoints. Choosing a degree program will have a large impact on the rest of your life.

What You Should Know about Your Senior Seminar Class

While the Senior Seminar is a major undertaking, it is not something to fear. The degree plan has been designed to set you up for success.

The Benefits of Being a University Alumnus

As a university alumnus, you share a special worldwide connection with over 70,000 alumni. But the benefits of college don’t end when you get your diploma.

Changing and Updating a FAFSA

There may be circumstances when your FAFSA might need to be corrected or updated; your financial aid office is your best resource.

Learning about Tribal IT Capabilities in Alaska and Arizona

APUS recently conducted a research trip in Alaska to explore how information technology is being implemented in native American communities and how it's affecting their lives.

Teaching Emergency Management through Hands-On Learning

It would be beneficial to set up booths at fairs or other public events to physically teach the public about emergency management preparations.

Soft Skills Will Help You Succeed in College as Much as Academic Mastery

There are a handful of other soft skills that are necessary to succeed in college. They are not often taught, but they can be learned.