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Where Are the Luddites Today?

digital-addiction-LudditesBy Dr. William Oliver Hedgepeth
Program Director, Government Contracts and Acquisition at American Public University

Have you tried to live without your iPhone or cell phone for a day? A week? Two weeks? Can you imagine leaving your cell phone at home, cut off, and drive away to the coffee shop to meet some friends, to the hardware store, or to the grocery store? How does this make you feel?

My granddaughters told me that they use their cell phones to stay in touch with their friends, and they instant message or text others over 300 times each day. Have you gone out to dinner with your friends or spouse and seen a family of four or a couple on a date sitting at the table, each texting or checking email? I have. I suspect you have.

Has that person been you? When we go to dinner, we routinely turn the sound off of the iPhone or turn it off. I place my phone in my coat pocket. My wife’s cell phone is in her purse. It ,too, is turned off, lest her brother text or call her to ask some silly question like what is the weather like in Virginia or to tell us what his two cats have done today, lying around in the sun and doing nothing.

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The 10 Best Sites for Finding an Internship in 2016

best-site-internships-2016By Karsten Strauss

“Years ago, when I was in college, when I wanted to apply for internships, the only websites around were Monster and CareerBuilder,” says Lauren Berger. “I would go to those sites as a student and I would feel so lost. I just wanted someone to help me.”

Berger, now 31, wound up taking on 15 different internships in her student years before going on to found the internship search site Intern Queen, now in its seventh year and number 9 on our list of the best sites for finding internships. “I had this light bulb moment where I said, ‘Wait a second, what if I were the person that could help other students – at that time, my peers, and now students around the world – get one step closer to their dream opportunity.”

The fact is college students and new graduates have more resources for finding an internship than ever. In addition to the time-tested strategy of scouring their own networks of friends, family and contacts, young people in search of an entry-level position or valuable experience in the workplace have many quality search engines to look through. Here are ten of the best:

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Nursing Education: Are You Ready for Online Learning?

Vlog with Joan McDade
Faculty Member, Nursing at American Public University

Many nurses say that they are looking for opportunities that extend beyond the bedside, and when evaluating those opportunities they realize that it’s time to pursue a higher degree. Next they need to determine the learning environment that will help them to meet their professional goals. Most nurses pursuing advanced education do so while working full-time. There are also personal time commitments to consider when evaluating nursing programs.

In this vlog, Joan McDade talks about the expectations nurses will need to set for themselves when starting an online degree in nursing.

About Joan

Joan McDade teaches in the RN-BSN program at American Public University. She has worked in nursing education for more than 20 years and served as an Educational Specialist in the practice setting and as nursing faculty in online and face-to-face programs. Joan’s career includes nursing practice in med/surg, intensive care, and ophthalmology but her passion is med/surg nursing and teaching.

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Student Profile: Rebuilding Health for Developing Countries

American Public University Alumna, Prasida Khanal

American Public University Alumna, Prasida Khanal

Interview with APU Alumna, Prasida Khanal

The following profile is the fifth in a series of student profiles of our students and alumni at the university.

Job title: Health Services Manager at Community Action Partnership of Ramsey and Washington Counties, St. Paul, Minnesota

Degree earned: Master of Public Health, 2015, American Public University

What led you to choose a Master’s in Public Health?

My home country of Nepal has been crushed with a decade-long Maoist insurgency, political instability, poverty and a humanitarian crisis. These were difficult times for many Nepali families like us, who lost a loved one, or were persecuted or exiled. Amidst the chaos, I was fortunate to receive a scholarship to study dentistry in one of the most reputed universities in Nepal, the B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences. I worked as a community dentist in rural and underserved areas. While I realized that I could improve the oral health status of my people, there was always the chance that they would go back to a house without water or sanitation. During my work in Nepal, there were diarrhea epidemics and women who died during childbirth. These issues encouraged me to take steps forward to improve the health of the public. I feel blessed to have joined APU to help make my dreams a reality.

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The Top 10 Things to Know When Applying Online

Vlog with Denise Williams
Admissions Representative at American Public University

When you’re ready to become an online learner, it’s important to know the facts. Do you know what program you want to study or what type of educational requirements the school may have? If not, don’t worry! Be prepared when it comes time to make the big decision of returning to school, but make sure you have your FAQs list down.

Here to answer some of those burning questions is Denise Williams. Her top 10 list outlines the most important things to know and understand when applying to school. Interested in hearing her list? Check out the video below.

Interested in learning more about online learning? Visit us at

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Balancing Act: Graduate School and Children

school-guidance-milspouseBy Rebecca Alwine
Alumna, American Military University

Parents are superheroes, plain and simple, consistently putting their children’s needs ahead of their own. So how do they go back to school? The secrets to success involve securing a support system, taking it one day at a time, keeping focus, and balancing school and family commitments. Here are some examples of great parents who mastered the balancing act.

Missi Hayes, an American Military University (AMU) alumna, spent four years working on her master’s degree in environmental management and policy. The extended timeline was due to childbirth, moving several times, having a newborn, and life. Missi finished her degree the same year her husband was working on his master’s at the National Intelligence University.

Taking it slow and balancing the school workload with parenting and her spouse’s demanding schedule allowed her to finish. Her priority wasn’t the degree during those years, it was her family.

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30 Under 30 in Science Exploring New Worlds in the Stars and in Our Cells

30under30-scienceBy Alex Knapp

When he first started working on space engineering, Jeroen Cappaert, 27, probably didn’t expect to fight pirates one day. But that’s just one of the applications the satellites he’s designed are being put to use for by the company he cofounded, Spire Global. The company was founded in 2012 and has launched eight satellites so far which focus data collection on the oceans – “The three quarters of the world that almost nobody looks at,” says Cappaert.

Cappaert is just one of the standouts on this year’s Forbes 30 Under 30 in Science list, which features a group of people across an astonishing array of different sciences, from astronomy to marine biology to psychology to artificial intelligence and more.

Other standouts include Lujendra Ojha, 25, whose studies of geological formations on Mars have provided the best evidence yet that liquid water may flow on the surface of the Red Planet. The Nepalese-born Ojha is currently a grad student at Georgia Tech and when he’s not busy studying Mars, he’s a guitarist in a heavy metal band.

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Corporate Kindergarten: How a Montessori Mindset Can Transform Your Business

business-tipsBy Kotter International

I’ll spare you the perfunctory context setting about how our globalized economy is moving at a rate of change unimaginable even a decade ago. It’s a given. Business models, product cycle times and even the Fortune 500 had a much longer shelf life in the 20th century than they do today.

To remain competitive – or, dare I say, relevant – organizations must achieve vastly higher levels of strategic agility, or face the foul risk of becoming “Blockbustered.” And by strategic agility I mean the ability to tactically pivot at the drop of a hat, to launch novel initiatives and kill off those that are no longer serving you.

At its apex in 2004, Blockbuster Video had nearly 60,000 employees and over 9,000 stores worldwide. Its market value and annual revenues each exceeded $billion, and it boasted a #1 position in the space by a long shot. In fact, CEO John Antioco was doing such a stellar job that his compensation that year totaled $51.6 million.

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