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The College Degrees And Skills Employers Most Want In 2015

interview-hiring-managerBy Susan Adams

The hiring picture keeps getting better for college graduates. According to a new survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), employers are planning to hire 9.6% more graduates for their U.S. operations than they did from the class of 2014. That’s a one percent hike from the 8.6% gain a year ago and a significant jump from 2013, when employers said they would boost hiring by just 2.1% over the previous year.

A non-profit group in Bethlehem, PA, NACE links college placement offices with employers. It surveyed more than a thousand of its employer members from February 9 – March 23, 2015, and got responses from 162 companies in industries ranging from agriculture to energy to retail. Respondents included American Express, Exxon Mobil, Merck, Procter & Gamble and United Airlines.

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Psychology Education: It's More Than the Study of Mental Illness

degrees-psychologyBy Nora E. Reed
Online Learning Tips, Special Student Contributor

This article originally appeared on our fellow APUS blog, In Military Education.

Psychology. The fabulously interesting study of human behavior. It all sounds so fascinating, right? Finding out why people think and feel the way they do, why some people get angry at the drop of a hat, and the ongoing debate of nature vs. nurture. I switched my major halfway through college due to taking abnormal psychology and falling in love with it.

I remember watching a video on DID (dissociative identity disorder) and deciding that I wanted nothing more than to integrate personalities together and help a person become whole again. I think I was a little ambitious to say the least, but to be honest, I never liked science growing up. I remember being in high school and being completely un-interested in biology and chemistry, so when I found out psychology is a science, my views on the scientific world changed. When I changed my major and started taking psychology related courses, I realized a few things.

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Active vs Passive Learning: Getting Involved at School

active_vs_passive_learning_onlineedOne of the biggest complaints of college students is that they do not feel like the value of their education matches the expense of obtaining a degree. The ugly truth is that college is expensive, and not only does it require a financial obligation, it also requires lots of time and effort. In addition, there is no guarantee of employment after completing college. I am a firm believer that your college experience is based on your attitude toward learning and growing.

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6 Ways College Students Can Better Prepare for a Career in Business

thought-leaderBy Drew Hendricks
Forbes, Contributor

While a college degree is important, a small slip of paper won’t completely prepare you for a career in business. In addition to taking key courses and degree programs, it’s critical that you prepare for life after school by taking advantage of the opportunities around you.

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101 Inventions that Changed the World: A Math Perspective

taking-math-in-collegeBy Dr. Shirley Vigil
Faculty Member, Mathematics at American Public University

Recently, I toured the 101 Inventions that Changed the World exhibit at the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Ala. It reminded me of how important math is to my life.

The first invention that piqued my interest was the personal computer. Conceived to help the “normal person” crunch numbers quickly, I cannot imagine my life without it. The number of mathematical calculations saved over the years is enormous and we owe it to the mathematicians and engineers who took time to develop the miniaturized devices (another invention—the integrated circuit) behind it.

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The Ultimate Pi Day

Pi-Day-2015By Liz Hutchings
Faculty Member, Mathematics at American Public University

As a college math instructor and a homeschooling mom, Pi Day is one of my favorite holidays. Whether it is a real holiday or not is up for debate, but in my home this year’s Pi Day will definitely be one to celebrate.

In case you haven’t heard, this Pi Day is special because it will not only be March 14 (3.14), but we can get as accurate as 3/14/15, 9:26 and 53 seconds = 3.141592653. That is just incredible and will never happen again in our lifetime.

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Scarecrows, Pythagoras, and Theorems OH MY!

By Raymond Reinhardt
Faculty Member, Mathematics at American Public University

What did the scarecrow say after being rewarded with his brains (actually, given a diploma) in “The Wizard of Oz”? And are there any practical applications for the Pythagorean Theorem?

His first brilliant remark was, “The sum of the square roots of any two sides of an isosceles triangle is equal to the square root of the remaining side.” You can watch this clip of the scarecrow yourself below.

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Building Skills for E-Learning Success

online-learning-destinationBy Ryan Watkins
Distance Learning

For many, the years spent sitting behind desks in both academic and training classrooms have molded their perceptions of what learning is, where learning takes place, and how to be successful. From these perceptions, many of us have actually become quite effective in our skills for interacting, learning, and assessing our progress from behind the desk of the traditional classroom environment. E-learning, however, typically challenges each of these perceptions about learning and, as a result, the transition from the traditional classroom to the online classroom can be difficult for many learners.

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