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Overcoming the Shock of Being a New College Student

shock-online-student-survivalNew students often arrive with the idea that earning a bachelor’s degree will be relatively easy because they have already earned a high school diploma. Some new students view earning a college degree to be much the same as their high school experience. However, once in a college program, the student realizes the commitment needed for an online course and the student goes through a series of shocks about undergraduate education. The first shock is about how much work must be done; the second shock is about the quality required of the work.

The first shock is about the amount of work required. College work is more than just attendance. Professors are going to expect work on time, week after week for four long years. After the initial shock, of the quantity of reading and work, they realize that college needs to be a priority in their life.  A standard week for an online university student would be to read multiple articles or chapters in the book, respond to one discussion question, complete one assignment, and to make two to four substantial participation posts in the forums.

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Making Connections in an Online Classroom

connecting-online-studentsBy Michelle Watts
Faculty Director at American Military University

The experience that you have as an online student depends on your own learning style and preferences. You can choose to limit your interactions with other students or you can become very connected to both classmates and the instructor. While neither approach is wrong, as an online instructor I have found that students who choose to interact have a richer education experience. Think contact, interaction and collaboration.

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Tips for Writing a Scholarship Essay

scholarship-essay-tipsA scholarship is an excellent type of financial aid to apply for because the large majority of scholarships do not need to be paid back. Because of this, scholarships are not easy to acquire. There are many scholarships that are merit-based, meaning that your performance in the classroom or in the community plays a major part in who receives them. Some scholarships require the applicant to just fill out the application, but many scholarships require the applicant to write an essay about why they would be the best candidate to receive the scholarship. It can be an intimidating step that turns many applicants away, so even if you do not feel like writing an essay, it is always a good idea to try.

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Monetizing MOOCs – When Is it Right to Switch to Self-Serving Classes?

MOOC-monetizingBy Dr. Patricia Campbell
Dean, Graduate Studies at American Public University

Over the past few years, there has been a great deal of discussion around whether MOOCs can become sustainable or even profitable. This post doesn’t set out to answer that specific question, but rather it explores why someone might want to pay for a MOOC. What can a student expect of a MOOC and is it really worth the time and/or money?

For starters, we know there are many free MOOCs out there. They constitute a risk free environment where people can explore a plethora of topics. One thing we know about MOOCs is that they tend to have very high dropout rates. This is probably to be expected. Someone can sign up for a MOOC with the best intention of completing it—especially if the topic is compelling. However with no monetary “skin in the game,” there is very little downside of not completing the course.

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Entrepreneurs in School? Why It's More Than a Business Degree

entre-degree-optionsBy Dr. Cassandra Shaw
Program Director, Entrepreneurship, at American Public University

According to the Department of Labor, “Entrepreneurship plays a vital role in the growth of the U.S. economy”. However, in order to do this the venture must succeed. Without proper planning and education many businesses fail within the first few years. The age at which companies begin to fail is about 4 years. Do you want to survive past that mark?

If you want to be an entrepreneur, rather than simply work in business then choosing a degree in entrepreneurship is the road to take. There are various types of entrepreneurship to consider, such as social, non-profit, international, small business, intrapreneur, vetrepreneur, inventrepreneur, serial, flexible, solopreneur, and techpreneur. The entrepreneurial world is wide- open and now is a great time to get started with your specialized degree.

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The Value (and Fun) of General Education Requirements

gen-ed-online-requirementsBy Angela Matthews
COLL100 Faculty at American Public University

As an undergraduate student, I virtually ignored the university’s general education requirements and just signed up for classes that sounded fun. My options were wide open since I hadn’t declared a major, and I wanted to make the most of the freedom. My general education could become whatever I felt like making it.

The elective options in my pre-college days had been remarkably limited by the size and budget of the small town school system I grew up in. My graduating class included only 30 students. Other students in bigger school systems had a much wider variety of electives; we didn’t even have an orchestra or theatre. There was no choir, no student newspaper, and no art beyond grade school.

Once I got to college, I felt like I needed to make up for lost time, so my freshmen and sophomore years included all of those subjects I had wanted to learn when I was young but didn’t. As soon as new course schedules were posted each semester, I would scroll through the entire list and pick out everything that sounded good.

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MOOC on International Politics in this World & Beyond: Wizards, Fiction & Political Fact in a Global Age

mooc-2014-06-06What exactly is a MOOC? When I first heard the phrase, I immediately thought it was the sound that a sick cow made. Then I looked it up and found it stood for Massive Open Online Course. Having discovered it to be a term used in education (not farming), my interest in MOOCs peaked.

MOOCs are becoming increasingly popular. Their popularity was defined in 2012 when The New York Times declared that year to be The Year of the MOOC in its Education Section.

The MOOC concept is relatively new. The idea is to cater to everybody, anywhere, anytime—unlimited participation via the Internet. When you throw in the fee (zero dollars and zero cents), MOOCs become even more enticing.

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Why You Should Take a Financial Management Class

financial-management-classIf you are going to get a degree at an accredited university, you are going to have to take some general education classes to make sure that you receive a well-rounded education. At nearly every university, students have to take some level of math, science, history, and English classes. Unfortunately, not many schools require all students to take a personal financial planning course. While the above subjects are all very important, financial planning is a skill that you will have to use for the rest of your life if you aspire to be successful. If you have the option to take electives, a financial management, financial planning, or similar class is an excellent option.

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