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NASA Takes 3D Printing into Space

satellite-3d-printingBy C. Tod Pingrey
Faculty Member, Space Studies at American Public University

The latest printing technology—3D printing—has gone out of this world. NASA will soon take printing to a whole new level. On Sept. 23, the first 3D printer arrived at the the International Space Station (ISS) aboard SpaceX’s unmanned Dragon capsule. .

3D printing is the process of building an object, layer by layer, out of many different types of material including metal, plastic, and composite material. There are high hopes that this new printing technology will expand the station’s manufacturing capabilities. Although having replacement parts sent to the ISS is costly and time consuming, this new capability is expected to decrease resupply efforts from Earth while cutting costs by creating the possibility of fixing station issues with just a switch of a button.

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Attention Travelers! Are You Fluent in Cultural Perspectives?

cultural-perspectives-class-apuBy Dr. Stephen Schwalbe
Program Director, Political Science at American Public University

Why do people of different regions do things differently than we do? This question is often asked when a person might come into contact with traditions and cultures that differ from their own, or the practice of something is not widely shared or understood. If you are intending to travel to a different region of America or to a location overseas, then understanding the cultures around you will make a world of difference.

American Public University is unveiling a new course this fall to explore and explain the different cultures observed throughout the U.S. and the world. This course will teach the inner workings of culture at the personal level, then to the national and regional level. As such, if you are going to be living overseas on deployment or even just traveling around the world for a while on vacation, this course will be extremely useful for your understanding of what is going on around you.

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Travel Destinations for the Lifelong Learner

St Peter's Square

St Peter’s Square

By Latanya Hughes
Faculty Member, Hospitality Management at American Public University

The world offers a cornucopia of travel options. How do you choose?

I recommend that you look to the buffet of exotic and historical places that you can enjoy and simultaneously expand your mind.

In the hospitality industry, a destination is a place that is alluring and has specific features that are attractive to the traveler. For instance, Jamaica has exotic, luxurious beaches and eclectic local flavor. For the lifelong learner looking to add a few more stamps to their passport, these destinations will enhance your mind and open your eyes to more beauty, wonder, and a memorable getaway.

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Student Debt and the Millennial Entrepreneurship Paradox

entre-millenial-paradoxBy E.J. Reedy and Arnobio Morelix

The millennial generation is living in what one could call a paradox as it relates to entrepreneurship. On one hand, the millennials could be the new great generation. They are the most educated cohort in the history of the United States, they have broad exposure to entrepreneurship in higher education, and popular culture is filled with stories of their entrepreneurial successes, from the kids just getting started to millennial uber-entrepreneurs like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. On the other hand, millennials could be the new lost generation. They are heavily saddled with student debt, weak career prospects, and for all this expanded entrepreneurship exposure, most measures of entrepreneurship among younger workers are stagnant to falling.

Thus emerges the millennial entrepreneurship paradox – is this the generation whose entrepreneurship propensities will unleash the next wave of economic growth, or will this generation’s entrepreneurship potential fizzle?

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Astronomy as a Gateway to Critical Thinking Skills

astronomy-critical-thinking-skillsBy Katie Berryhill
Assistant Professor of Space Studies at American Public University

Astronomy is one of the most popular classes that students take to satisfy a general education science requirement. Perhaps this is because of the beautiful images from the Hubble Space Telescope and having been exposed to television shows such as Cosmos (both Carl Sagan’s original and Neil deGrasse Tyson’s remake). So the challenge for astronomy faculty (whether online or face-to-face) is to ensure that class material builds on students’ interest, hopefully to a lifetime of learning about our universe. Students’ initial curiosity also makes astronomy an excellent vehicle to teach critical thinking skills, and help students to navigate the information they encounter in the world (whether about science of anything else). This helps them to become better citizens, able to think for themselves when presented with the deluge of information at their fingertips.

Laboratory activities that use authentic astronomical data are an excellent way for astronomy to ignite curiosity and teach critical thinking skills simultaneously. Two examples that my colleagues and I have used are Planet Hunters and MicroObservatory.

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The Education Appeal of Internships in IT

internships-ITBy Dr. Jeff Wang
Faculty Member, Information Technology at American Public University

In the IT war for talent, an internship can sway the final outcome and provide excellent opportunities for hiring managers and employees alike to find the right fit. As an employer—you can freely observe the working performance and long-term potential of a candidate. A robust internship program may also enable you to:

  • Compete for talent with less cost
  • Better manage and develop new graduates
  • Increase your companies visibility to better attract other talent
  • Help the long-term development of your enterprises by retaining top talent

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Calling IT Majors: Do You Have a Career Direction After Graduation?

ITBy Robert Marlett
Faculty Member, IT at American Public University            

While opportunities for employment continue to increase in the information technology sector there are a few fields that should continue to offer the most promise in terms of availability and salary. Computer forensics, computer security, Web design and data retrieval (also known as data mining) will continue to be hot careers in the near future.

The question is no longer does a business require an online presence, but when should they go online. All businesses large and small continue to spend a great deal of time and effort to reach new customers. However, to be effective, a company that is currently on the Internet or is planning to be requires three essential components. They need to be able to find or increase their target audience, protect their network infrastructure and be able to minimize damage when it occurs.

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Asking Before the Leap: Open House Guidance for Your Educational Journey

APUS-OpenHouse_2014Starting school is so much more than buying school supplies. For adult learners it means getting a second chance, starting over, or trying something new. Choosing that school takes some sound thought, and shouldn’t easily be influenced by the first commercial or ad that you see. Education teaches us to not take things at face value, but to scratch below the surface and make our own conclusions. How can you do this with an online education? Attending an open house is a good place to start.

Most of us have learned to embrace mobile technology as if it were an adopted member of the family. It’s convenient, you can access your information from anywhere, and it’s instantaneous. What about your education? The traditional model of college is that great setting of being around other collegiate scholars where you learn at your own pace and in person. Online education is a stark contrast to this scenario, but it’s as adaptive as that mobile technology we all love so much.

Are you curious about what being a part of an online school entails? One of the easiest ways to get a glimpse into the online education realm is by attending a virtual open house. Imagine visiting a college and talking with representatives from the major university departments from your home computer in real time. On August 27, 2014 you can do just that at the American Public University and American Military University Open House.

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