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Lifestyle Needs: When to Know If You’re Ready for an Accountant

lifestyle-needs-accountantBy Natasha Snow
Faculty Member, Accounting at American Public University

There is an old adage: “a business needs an accountant when the economy is bad to count the money and a business needs an accountant when the economy is good to count the money.” Accountants help business owners and people to make good financial decisions in a wide range of situations.

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What Does General Studies Prepare You For?

gen-studies-career-prepBy Dr. Kathryn A. Broyles
Associate Professor, Arts & Humanities, at American Public University

Journalist and writer H.L. Mencken insisted, “You can’t do anything about the length of your life, but you can do something about its width and depth.” Deciding to pursue a degree in general studies and then doing something meaningful with that degree can translate into studying widely and then living deeply.

Pursuing a degree in general studies is deciding to embark on a challenging, yet flexible, college education that draws on a variety of courses from across the university. More often than not, degrees prepare students for a singular career path; pursuing a general studies degree allows students to hone the reading, writing, and critical thinking skills necessary to thrive in any professional setting.

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Writing in 3rd Person

student-writing-third-personBy Dr. Charles Johnson
Adjunct Professor, School of Business at American Public University

One of the challenges of academia in the cyber world is maintaining a formal atmosphere. Like many online programs, at American Public University (APU) we use a forum which is similar to Facebook or LinkedIn as part of the classroom. The tendency for many is to write papers for the forum or assignments like we do in social media, but this isn’t always the appropriate choice.

Even though the submissions are made in a social media platform, initial academic submissions are not a conversation and should not be considered as such. Professors should set clear expectations and students should have a clear understanding of social versus academic writing.

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Could You Earn College Credit for Prior Learning?

prior-learning-work-creditAdult learners with significant life experience may be able to earn college credit for what they have learned over the years. Many schools offer prior learning assessment (PLA) programs offering students an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of college level knowledge, skills, and abilities acquired outside a traditional classroom, in order to earn credit toward their degree.

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Unsure About the Online Learning Atmosphere? Visit a University Open House

university-open-house-online-educationMost of us have learned to embrace mobile technology as if it were an adopted member of the family. It’s convenient, you can access your information from anywhere, and it’s instantaneous. What about your education? The traditional model of college is that great setting of being around other collegiate scholars where you learn at your own pace in person. Online education is a stark contrast to this scenario, but it’s as adaptive as that mobile technology we all love so much.

Are you curious about what being a part of an online school entails? One of the easiest ways to get a glimpse into the online education realm is by attending a virtual open house. Imagine visiting a college and talking with representatives from the major University departments from your home computer in real time. On August 28, 2013 you can do just that at the American Public University and American Military University Open House.

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Did You Learn From Experience? Translate it Into College Credit

prior-learning-college-creditIt is that time of year again…Back to School!

Do you remember when you were in grade school? The first assignment was often an essay about how you spent summer vacation. Then when you got to high school, the first assignment was often a pre-test requiring you to reflect upon what you had learned the previous year(s).

When going back to, or starting college, you may not encounter such assignments; however, reflecting on your prior learning is a good place to start. Reflection helps students consider what they have learned in the past, where they may have gaps, what they expect to gain from attending college, AND may help them uncover some opportunities to earn credit for what they already know! The latter can save time and money.

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From the U.S. to Libya: A Student’s Journey to Online Education

learning-overseasBy Asma Elfatesi
Online Learning Tips, Guest Student Contributor

I never thought I would study at a completely online university such as American Public University. My family and I used to live in Virginia and I have gone to school there since my family moved to the United States. I graduated from high school and entered a community college with the goal of finishing an associate degree and then transferring to the local university to complete a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. I enjoyed chemistry since high school and have always had great chemistry teachers and professors. So my plan was to graduate with a chemistry degree and become a high school chemistry teacher.

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Why You Should Join Your School’s History Club

Crossing_Delaware_WashingtonVirtually every school offers a history club. They all vary in terms of their participation and effectiveness, but when you find a good one, join immediately. Here is an example of a quality history club American Military University.

The Saber and Scroll is a student initiated and managed history club at AMU. It benefits from passionate leadership, active members, and the guidance of Dr. Richard Hines, the program director for history at AMU. If you are a history major, and student of the school, you should join.

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