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Common Tech Myths – Debunked

Common Tech Myths Debunked image true false 300x198By Andrea Eldridge

Tech Myths – Nerds On Call Computer Repair

“Don’t swim for 30 minutes after eating!” This warning had me twiddling my thumbs by the side of the pool for what felt like hours when I was a kid. There are myths that seem to float around forever, spurred on by someone “re-sharing” them on social media, sometimes years after they’ve been proven inaccurate. Tech myths follow the same course, and they shape our behaviors and relationship with the very technology we love so much. It’s about time to get some of those myths debunked.

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Learning About Pell Grant Qualifications

financial-aid-loan-useOne of the best forms of Federal Student Aid (FSA) that a student can obtain is the Pell Grant. The funds from the Pell Grant go toward paying for your cost of attendance (COA), and those funds do not need to be paid back after you use them. Students who demonstrate a financial need are the primary recipients of this grant. Essentially, the Pell Grant provides educational funds to need-based students at no charge.

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Tips for Perfecting APA Writing for Class

apa-writing-tipsThere’s nothing worse than spending a week researching for your college or university paper, spending a whole day taking notes, and then a further day to actually write the thing—only to see that your paper lost percentage points due to not adhering to APA style.

APA (American Psychological Association) style is used for most classes and making sure one does it right is often the difference between getting an A and getting a B.

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Forget the Turkey, Give Thanks for Your Education

giving-thanks-educationThere is plenty to gripe about with higher education. Sometimes there is too much reading one week, or you’re expected to write a paper with a word count of 6,000 in a couple of weeks. This is all part of the learning process. Your parents likely told you that eating your vegetables was good for you, and the same can be said for these supplemental assignments that may seem superfluous at first. The preference may be to lay on the couch and enjoy a nice break with your favorite show, like the Walking Dead for example, but your fulfillment for knowledge is not being obtained by these distractions. Just like you learned to appreciate and respect your elders, you’ll learn to respect the time allocated to learning.

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Understanding your Student Ledger

ledger-questionsFor any college student, regardless of the university, it is important to understand the expenses and credits on your student account. Tuition and fees make up a majority of your expenses, while Federal Student Aid (FSA), private aid, and personal payments make up a majority of your credits. It is important to understand that any payment types (i.e. credits) will first cover your tuition and the rest of your cost of attendance. Only after all of your cost of attendance is paid for will you actually receive a credit balance, if you happen to have one.

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Putting Student Loan Debt Into Perspective

student-loan-default-consequencesWith the recent election, you have probably heard plenty of chatter about our national debt and how it has ballooned out of control. While that debt is concerning, there is another debt that American students are shouldering. Student loan debt is a major issue, with numbers exploding over $1.1 trillion. Yes, the unpaid student loan debt in this country is over $1 trillion, an absolutely mind-boggling number. This number only encompasses FSA loans, so private loan debt would push that number to astronomical proportions.

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Myths of the English Major

myth-english-majorBy Carol Froisy
Program Director, English and Communication at American Public University

Myth 1: English majors cannot “do” math.

Every good English major knows the difference between “two,” “too,” and “to.” It’s true that we might try to round-up our calculations to soothe our penchant for neatness. Zero is a wonderfully round and even number, but we use it only when necessary; so, many times, it is merely a place holder. (See, we even speak “math” all the time.)

We can too add deductions! But seriously, it just seems so silly not to use the calculator that is right on the computer screen. After all, using a calculator ensures that we remain as perfect as we think we are.

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Five Writing Tips for Students and Professionals

writing-college-guidanceBy Dr. Elizabeth D’Andrea
Faculty Member at American Public University

Professional writing is key to getting a job, keeping it and advancing your career. The classroom assignments and forums that are typically part of college courses are a great way to hone your skill.

There are five key elements to great college writing that will lead you to success in the classroom and beyond.

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