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Budget Wars Threaten Basic Science and Future Innovation

future-science-innovation-fundingBy Mark P. Mills
Contributor, Forbes

The Oscar-winning movie, The Imitation Game, opened with a scene that perfectly captured an age-old conflict between brilliant science and bureaucratic sensibilities.

In the movie, math and science genius Alan Turing professed no particular knowledge of the crisis at hand (cracking the German code). He suggested the Army general, in effect, trust him to bring to bear the power of ideas. The skeptical general was looking for a specific skill-set and path. To the general’s credit, he trusted Turing. (The outcome of World War Two would have been otherwise quite different.)

On average, history shows it is how science works. A lot of trust is needed to fund open-ended exploration. That kind of curiosity-driven, basic research has been the American hallmark for all of modern history. And ironically, even if unpredictable in advance, it has in hindsight been both revolutionary and productive.

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Honoring the Legacy of Storer College

James Green, Jr. (left) with Senator Joe Manchin III.

James Green, Jr. (left) with Senator Joe Manchin III at the recent event for Storer College in Harpers Ferry, WV.

By James Green, Jr.
Manager, Intelligence and National Security Relationships at American Military University

This past Friday, I had the honor and great privilege to serve as the emcee for a special recognition program. Sen. Joe Manchin III, the West Virginia Congressman from the United States Senate, presented a special proclamation on Storer College, a historic educational establishment that left a significant imprint on the history of West Virginia and our nation. Located in the state’s eastern panhandle in beautiful Harpers Ferry, the legacy of Storer College began following the Civil War. It was established by the Reverend Dr. Nathan Cook Brackett and philanthropist John Storer of Sanford, Maine whose goals were to create a school that was open and accepting of all students, regardless of gender, race, or religion.

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Tips from the Road: Getting Access to Class for the Online Learner

online-ed-tips-tlmBy Aj Dionne
Student, American Military University

Online schooling gives us a lot more freedom than a traditional college or university would. We all take advantage of the time aspects of that freedom, but most people still do their school work from home, or a coffee shop. What happens when it is time to take a family road trip, or if you travel for business? As a long haul truck driver, and a full-time student at AMU, I want to offer some tips to help you out.

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Pay it Forward With an Education Compliment

pay-it-forward-in-educationRarely do we think of going back to school as directly benefiting strangers; unless you’re going into teaching. It’s a way to better your life, your family, and your future. Since we’re not yet out of the charitable season it’s important to think about how your education can benefit those around you. Think about your fellow students who may be struggling to get through their program. Or what about your peer in class that can’t seem to manage their time efficiently and feels like giving up? While you have no obligation to reach out and help these individuals, there should be nothing stopping you from extending a hand through a compliment or an inspiring story.

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The Life Cycle of a Federal Student Aid Loan

life-cycle-student-loanYou may not think about it while you are using them, but Federal Student Aid (FSA) loans have a four-part life cycle. All of these parts are important to think about. These four parts are as follows:

  1. Planning how to pay for school
  2. Being packaged for, and having loans originated and awarded
  3. In-school
  4. Grace and repayment

It will be beneficial to you if you think about your loans from before you even receive them to after you have completed your schooling. All four parts will be explored in further depth.

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Political Science to Space Studies: How Philosophy Inspired My Ready Moment

APU-ready-moment-facultyBy Kurt Messick
Faculty Member, Humanities Program at American Public University

After I finished seminary back in 2005, I was looking for the “next big thing” in my life. I was teaching part-time at a local community college and also serving as a part-time chaplain, but neither of these looked like a permanent fixture in my life. While I was browsing the internet for various options, I happened along a school named American Public University. At the time I’d never heard of it, but they were offering a political philosophy class online, and it sounded intriguing.

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Common Tech Myths – Debunked

Common Tech Myths Debunked image true false 300x198By Andrea Eldridge

Tech Myths – Nerds On Call Computer Repair

“Don’t swim for 30 minutes after eating!” This warning had me twiddling my thumbs by the side of the pool for what felt like hours when I was a kid. There are myths that seem to float around forever, spurred on by someone “re-sharing” them on social media, sometimes years after they’ve been proven inaccurate. Tech myths follow the same course, and they shape our behaviors and relationship with the very technology we love so much. It’s about time to get some of those myths debunked.

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Learning About Pell Grant Qualifications

financial-aid-loan-useOne of the best forms of Federal Student Aid (FSA) that a student can obtain is the Pell Grant. The funds from the Pell Grant go toward paying for your cost of attendance (COA), and those funds do not need to be paid back after you use them. Students who demonstrate a financial need are the primary recipients of this grant. Essentially, the Pell Grant provides educational funds to need-based students at no charge.

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