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How to Tell When You’re Doing Poorly in School


Typically, the warning signs of failure in school are clear-cut. Your grades are C’s or lower, constantly asking for extensions, getting incompletes on assignments, or you simply don’t understand anything going on in the class. What’s worse is that some people don’t realize they’re failing until the final grade is posted. Waiting until the last minute to rectify your standing in the class is not a good idea. Be proactive about classwork, and ask for help before the final test.

Still not sure where you stand in school. The reasons could be staring you in the face, and you haven’t picked up on them yet:

  1. You have a C or D average: This means you’re not mastering the content, but possibly getting by without fulling understanding the material. This is particularly dangerous with an online class, since you don’t meet face to face with the professor to discuss your grade and how to improve it. Don’t be your own worst enemy, ask the teacher what you need to work on before the class ends.
  2. Constantly needing extensions or getting incompletes: If you depend on these modes of grading as an educational crutch as opposed to something circumstantial, then it might be time to evaluate if you have time for school. This may mean you can’t keep up with the page of college. Good time management skills can help here.
  3. You spend too much time doing reading or homework: Typically professors assign work with time constraints in mind. Meaning they take into the account that a student may be in more than one class and possibly working. The assignments are greated towards being done in a manageable period of time. If you find you spend all your time on the work then you may instead have an issue with comprehending the course material. *This could be relative, some teachers don’t take these factors into account in relation to time span of the class and outside factors.
  4. Too much time on social networks: Checking status updates, fan pages, tweets, or new videos is a good way to pass a half hour to maybe an hour a day, but if you find you can’t tear yourself away long enough to get your work done then you need to break your bad habit.
  5. You hate where you are: If you really dread school every week, and just find yourself putting things off in order to not deal with them, then you need to rethink what you’re doing. Maybe school isn’t the place for you to be, or maybe try a new program. If you’re unhappy it will show in your grades, attitudes towards assignments, and length of time it takes to get your degree. Try contacting your student advisor if you’re unhappy and want a change, they’re there to help you.