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Quality Education Possible Amid Rising Costs of Tuition


With tuition hikes abound at numerous schools throughout the country, many parents and students are finding the cost to attend school a little hard to swallow. Florida college students are looking at possible 15% annual increases to attend school. On the other coast, California college students are already looking at a 30% increase for tuition rates.

According to this Associated Press article, students are dropping out of school to pay off student loans just a few semesters away from graduation. Those that do graduate are facing an enormous debt burden.  It’s a hard hitting reality; and because of this economic climate, many students are seriously rethinking their education options.

However, there are other ways to attend school without sacrificing your bank account or credit rating. Online learning is one great alternative option for those who want a quality education that’s still affordable. Some degrees offered through online schooling, at American Public University (APU) for example, are:

There are over 100 certificate and degree programs offered at APU, which has an affordable undergraduate and graduate-level tuition that compares favorably to most state schools. If a degree online wasn’t something you first considered, take a second look at what these schools have to offer. With the rate of tuition steadily increasing, the online environment may be a better option.

For more information on going to school online, or to learn more about programs at APU, e-mail info@apus.edu.