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Communication is Key: Exchange Ideas With Your Professor


Successful online students dialogue with their instructor. They learn to ask probing, relevant questions as well as thoughtfully answer questions posed. It helps not to think of it as busy work. Your professor asks questions to cause critical thinking to occur, so that you are able to develop a better understanding of the course materials and resources.

Before the start of the semester, send your professor a brief e-mail to introduce yourself. Don’t pen your life story, keep it short and sweet. Share what you hope to gain from the course and your eventual career and/or life goals prompting you to get your degree. This will help to break the ice as well as cause the professor to make a mental note about you – in a good way. Let’s face it, a professor gets hundreds of e-mails a week. It will help to stand out of the crowd when you’re looking to get one of your questions answered sooner rather than later.

-Online Learning Tips Staff

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