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Mom’s Are Heading Back to School


working-momHaving children and a career can equal up to a jam-packed schedule with no room for additions. Going back  to school may have not been an option years ago, because of the travel involved in getting to campus, but with the great options in degree programs from online schools many mom’s are headed back to class.

Advancing your education with a degree online is one way to get where you want to be, without having to drive to get to it. At American Public University (APU) there are many mothers doing just that, going back to school online.

Panteha Vaghedi, a graduate student at APU, is a hard-working and loving mother of two pursuing her M.S. in Environmental Policy and Management. She feels the online environment makes getting a degree easier to do. “Since all the courses are online I really have the flexibility to work, take care of my kids and study when they go to bed at night,” says Vaghedi. “I was skeptical as to how much I would learn and pick up from online classes. But to my surprise, the syllabus and organization of the classes are such that we learn a great deal from the teacher and each other. I am really happy that I gave it a try.”

An article came out recently discussing the availability of online education to  mothers planning on returning to school. A question was posed whether mothers attending school are leaving off in their parenting, the answer? “Not at all,” says Frank Mayadas, program director at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, an association of more than 900 institutions and organizations of higher education engaged in online learning. ‘Rather, eLearning gives students with busy schedules — like moms — the opportunity to receive a quality education on their own terms. As Mayadas explains, online programs remove the obstacles of transportation and time, and provide a way for individuals to balance their professional goals with their personal priorities.’

“A back–to–school mom is being a living example, showing her children how to establish goals that extend out from the family,” says Thomas Haller, MDiv, MSW, DST family therapist, and author of “The Ten Commitments: Parenting with Purpose” (Personal Power Press, 2005). “She shows her children how to structure time, set limits, and reach personal goals — lessons that her kids will carry with them the rest of their lives.”

Some suggested techniques for making online education work…

Four Keys to Mommy’s School Success
  1. Learn to say no. Balancing mommyhood and school is a feat in itself. It’s acceptable to say no to friends and family sometimes. Be upfront that your schedule makes it unrealistic to book too many plans or dates.
  2. Put yourself first. Take your friends up on babysitting offers, and use the time to study and complete assignments.
  3. Schedule quiet time. Set aside an hour during the day where your children have ‘quiet time.’ Turn the phone ringer off and explain to your children that for the next hour you will be working.
  4. Schedule housework time. Believe it not, taking a mental break away from your hectic life may be just what you need to brainstorm or come up with that great new idea.

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With a variety of options at their fingertips, mother’s are in a great position to advance in their careers through education. See what online learning has to offer you. Learn more about whether online learning is right for you >

– By J. Mason



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