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Remembering the “Little Things” Just Got Easier


editors-pickWith the help of this ‘magnetic’ tool retaining things in your memory is possible. It’s called Headmagnet. Noted as being intelligent flash cards, this tool records what you remember and quizzes you on the content so that you retain it in memory.

After you sign up for the free service you create lists in your account to help you study and absorb information. You have the option to only view a hint to the answer of the question, or the full answer. It will flash a name or phrase, but keep in mind you’re being timed. You can choose to self-test, or leave it up to the system to accept and possibly correct your answers. The great thing about this system is that it grades you and keeps your scores updated so you know if you’re progressing or falling behind.

Headmagnet is like a form of jeopardy. You can also orient it to your personal life, or use it for work. Like if you have a job that requires you to remember lots of code or requests. And if you’re not sure what to study, they offer popular study lists that you can add to your profile to reference.

If you’re having problems keeping up in class, try virtual flashcards to improve memory and concentration.