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Stop Playing Games and Get Your Work Done Now


If you were looking for a kick in the pants to get you going, then I’ve found the site for you. It’s called To Done. Their motto is “Stop making to-do lists and start getting things done.” They think that constantly planning out lists of what you need to do next is a waste of time. The effort spent drawing out what you’ll do next would be better spent contributing time to say a project due tomorrow.

This tool is about taking action with whatever time you have available. That theory should carry into your normal daily routine. It’s a great alternative to someone standing over your shoulder. The process is simple, and it doesn’t take your excuses.

Simply visit their site, while there you have 2 options. You can either register for an account or simply click on the text “Starting To —>doing now!”

With the first option all you need to do is register by providing them with your e-mail address. It sends you an e-mail with your password and you login. From there it asks if you have anything to do, and if not how much time you have. If there was something you had been working on before and never finished it will tell you to work on that now and stop putting it off.to-done

If you choose the second option you simply type in what you should or need to be doing, and share how much time you have to work on that task. It then will give you a message similar to this “You should [write a story] now. Stop, leave this web page, and don’t come back until you’re finished. Seriously.”

Don’t give your task list another thought today. Toss it out and try To Done.

– By J. Mason