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Tools Conducive for Effective Learning Online


Going to school online requires a different set of supplies to be prepared for class. Instead of a planner you can use an online organizer. No paper required, there are programs for that. And your writing utensils, all you need are your fingers and a keyboard. Even though the work online still isn’t easy, the tools you need for school are much more easy, and most of the time, free to use and attain.

Need something to help you manage your homework? Most online classrooms will organize your grades for each specific class every semester, but you need to check on them in the classroom while you’re logged in. Another way to keep assignments, projects, and papers organized is Gradefix. The name is deceiving, but its true purpose is that of a homework management system. It will allow you to track homework in your classes as well as other tasks. It’s great for procrastinators, but you don’t need to be one to benefit from it. It will let you know when it’s getting late to hand in your work.

If you’re the type to need a tap on the shoulder on responding to discussion board posts, keeping track of notes that may be posted for a class, or an overall class organizer, then you should try CollegeRuled. It allows you to create your class schedule and track your progress through the semester.

Not everything in school is about being organized, but sometimes a good flowchart or diagram helps to keep you at the top of your class. For the classes that require presentations, reports, or if you just want to spice up a discussion post Gliffy allows you to do so. The sites unique interface is useful for students who need to produce flowcharts, process flows, network diagrams, chemical processes, and other technical or non-technical illustrations.

Want to get friendly with classmates, or collaborate for a study session or group project? Online learning doesn’t normally involve face-to-face interaction so for the most part chat programs and emails are used primarily for communication to different parties. Campfire is something that offers traditional web communication, but with upgrades suited to fit an online student. It’s a group communication tool that allows you to share content and graphics. To use you sign up and set up access lists, for your group, then send out invitations to the group by e-mail. You also have the ability to control what each person has permission to see in the private chat room, and the chat history is available to later reference. A great idea for remote study sessions on your next big exam.

Being more productive and keeping the lead in your studies can be easier than you think. Using tools at your fingertips is one simple way to stay organized and keep track of what is going on in your classes. There’s nothing worse than a “surprise” at the end of the semester, tracking your assignments and handing things in when you’re asked to alleviate that unnecessary strain and stress.

– By J. Mason