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Are You Ready to Learn 100% Online?


Learning in an online environment is definitely not for everyone. People either have unrealistic expectations, or they think taking online classes is the easy route. In many ways, online college courses are more difficult than their traditional counterparts.

Before you take the next step in deciding to pursue your degree online, here are four basic things you may want to consider as you research:

1. Computers: Are you comfortable using email? Do you know how to work with attachments? Can you perform basic searches/research online?

2. Motivation: Are you a self-starter? Your professor will not be sending you daily emails telling you to complete your assignments and take your tests. A certain level of self-discipline is required.

3. Interaction: In an online class, you will interact with the professor and your classmates primarily via threaded discussions and email. If you feel that face-to-face contact is a must for you to thrive, then online classes might not be right for you.

4. Hurdles: There are certain classes that may be more suitable for the traditional classroom (speech, sciences with labs, and classes such as calculus… for those of us who prefer learning math face-to-face!). Although all of these classes are available online, sometimes, you have to stop and ask yourself if you should take the hybrid approach, enrolling in a class or two locally for best results.

Take it a step further and complete an online learning assessment quiz to test yourself and see if online learning is really the right choice for you.

(source: Online College Blog)

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