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Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Successful Online Learner?


Take this quick survey to see if online learning might be a good fit for you.  For each item below, rate yourself with a simple yes or no answer.

  1. I am comfortable using technology.
  2. I maintain an email account.
  3. I manage an account name and password.
  4. I can attach or download files and attachments.
  5. I can use a computer to create documents.
  6. I can use the Internet.
  7. I can participate in chat rooms and discussion boards.
  8. I can use search engines (such as Google).
  9. I can access online video (from such sites such as YouTube).
  10. I comprehend well from reading.
  11. I like to think about what to say before answering.
  12. I enjoy academic discussion with other students and professors.
  13. I have good basic writing skills.
  14. I understand information best when it is in a visual format.
  15. I read and follow written instructions carefully.
  16. I ask questions when I do not understand something.
  17. I manage my time well.
  18. I need to have a flexible school schedule.
  19. I like to plan ahead to finish a project.
  20. I like to set and achieve goals.

The more “yes” answers you have, the more likely it is that online learning will be a comfortable option for you. If you have more “no” answers, you may decide that online learning is not for you or that you want to obtain some skills and knowledge prior to entering an online learning environment.  To ensure all students’ success many online educational providers offer introductory to online learning course designed to walk you through all the basic skills used in a typical online classroom skills with the personal assistance of a professor who wishes you to succeed.

– By Craig Gilman