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Yes, There’s an App for That Too!


You may have seen the recent iPhone commercials that tout “there’s an app for that”.  Well, I’m pretty sure there is — for pretty much everything — including online learning.  iPhone apps (or apps for any type of smart phone) are becoming more and more commonplace as developers cram just about every source of content and feature into their apps.  Of course a large percentage of these apps are nonsense – silly games, pictures or web links.  But if you mine through the chaos, you can find some really useful tools that can help you with your homework and studying.  How do you find these?  Well, ask your classmates for starters… but then you can go into the app forums and do some searching for the topic you’re in need of help in… While most of us will be doing our online learning while connected to our laptops or home computers, there just might be an occasion where you don’t have access to the Internet or your computer and your iPhone app will come in handy.  To get started, here’s a great article from the Chicago Tribune: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/education/today/chi-edtoday-apps-012110,0,6808992.story