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Stay Motivated by Celebrating Your Success


Let’s be honest, you’re not always going to be thrilled about pursuing your online degree. In the midst of juggling your work and personal commitments, there will be times where quitting seems like a better option than seeing it through to the end.

A great way to stay motivated from the beginning and throughout your online learning experience is to celebrate your successes — no matter how big or small. Maybe you achieved your weekly reading goal two days early or received an “Attaboy!” from that professor who’s always seemed so critical.  Reward yourself for achievements with whatever works for you, along the way. This will help train you to think differently when those overwhelming moments begin to distract you from your ultimate goal of earning a degree online. Instead of having the negative thoughts, you can think about how you’ll pamper yourself the next time you reach a milestone in your journey. 

This can also apply to your friends and family who are working towards their degrees.  Make sure to acknowledge their hard work and achievement, and who knows… maybe a little good deed will benefit you when you need some extra help.

 – Online Learning Tips Staff