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Find Used Textbooks for Less with your iPhone


Next time you’re shopping for textbooks and you find yourself in a traditional bookstore (or really anywhere), you can use your iPhone to find used books on the website, www.Half.com.  It’s a simple iPhone app that scans the bar code (or takes other info such as title or author) of the book and checks the Half.com website to see if anyone is offering that book. There’s also an app by CampusBooks.com which searches multiple sites for the best buy and sell prices for a specific book.  Both these apps can save you some serious cash.

Learn more about the Half.com App

Learn more about the CampusBooks.com App

Of course, if you are an undergraduate degree-seeking student at my school, American Public University, you’re eligible for a book grant which provides books at no cost… so that’s hard to beat, even with the latest iPad app!