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If you have to memorize terms and definitions for a test, forget about the paper index cards. Although using index cards to prepare for a test is a proven study method, dealing with them can be a hassle. It seems that you either never have enough, are always misplacing them, or maybe what you previously wrote is totally illegible and it’s taking forever to translate. Using index cards can potentially be a mess.

Instead, try an online flashcard maker. These Web sites allow students to create, share, study, and print cards from their computers. There are many flashcards makers to choose from. Below are several you can test drive.

  • Flashcard Exchange — Web-based software that offers free and premium services. A free membership will allow you to create unlimited flashcards, plus the ability to study and share them online. A premium membership, a one-time fee of $20 USD, offers features such as the ability to add pictures and audio to your flashcards.
  • The Flashcard Machine – is a free service created by Madhu Lundquist in 2002 while pursuing his BFA in Multimedia Design at the University of Oregon. After discovering that all of the images for his art history class were available on a class web page, he started creating web-based flashcards. Today, Flashcard Machine is a growing community of students, teachers and professionals around the world.
  • Studybulb — is a free online collaborative community for study materials. It’s still in an early beta stage of testing. During this time, early-adopters can begin adding study materials to the community as well as feedback to improve the site.

 – Online Learning Tips Staff

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