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After a long 3-day weekend actively getting into school work does not seem like the best idea. It’s like you have to get yourself in the mood to get things done. And since classwork, discussion board posts, even exams aren’t mundane like loading and unloading the dishwasher…it may take more prodding to get them done.

So do you get yourself in the mood? Make a pot of coffee, put on some fun music, maybe even watch the first half of your favorite inspirational movie (think of Rudy). Can these help? Sure, they can, it all depends on where your motivation is and where you’re willing to take it.

Here are some of my suggestions for creatively putting yourself in the mood for school work:

  • Make a checklist. Not for everyone, but when I see what I have to do it seems less overwhelming and it feels so great once I’m able to cross those items off my list.
  • Get your blood flowing. Jog in place, run up and down the stairs, do push-ups or sit-ups…anything that gives you a natural high, from endorphins, can help get your mind in the right place.
  • Make your favorite drink. Anything from a cool glass of soda, steaming cup of coffee, aromatic ‘spot of tea’ is great to get you settled in for your tasks at hand. I typically keep a drink nearby when I write; it gives me a short enough break to come up with my next thoughts for what I’m writing.
  • Doodle. Have some scratch paper nearby. Write down keywords as you come up with them. This will be your reference paper later on, and sometimes doodling lets your brain run freely giving you more space to think without restraint.
  • Look at what others are doing. If it’s a discussion post, look at what other people have posted. This should spark a good reply or possibly your take on the subject at hand.
  • Hide your phone. Put away the temptation to text, tweet, update your status, or look at friends photos from the weekend. Not only will it eat up time, but it will de-motivate you as well.
  • Be prepared. Since you’ll be hunkering down for a little while make sure you have a blanket or sweater (if it’s cold where you are), a snack, and anything else you absolutely NEED. This way you don’t have the excuse to keep walking away from your work; but take minimal breaks to keep the blood flowing. 
  • If all else fails, put yourself in lock down. With kids, pets, maybe a spouse or the ever enticing garbling sounds of the TV it can be very hard to pull yourself away. Find a quiet room, or if noise helps go to a local coffee spot (with free wi-fi of course) and take a seat. Put your list in front of you and get to work. Isolating yourself may help you get things done quicker, and more efficiently.

– By J. Mason



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