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Keep in Sync and Keep Reading


As we know there is more than one way to read a news article. With the advent of the smartphone, and e-reader we can read the news from a handheld device on the way to work, at a park, and anywhere else with Internet connectivity. And if that wasn’t great enough, there is now a way to sync news articles you found online to your e-reader.

Most e-reader owners already know that to read news articles on your handheld you need to pay a certain fee, just like you would with a printed newspaper. Well months ago I discovered this great tool where you could corral all the news articles you wanted to read for a later time without “bookmarking” them. The tool is Instapaper.

The ease of using Instapaper is as simple as signing up, clicking the “archive” or “read later” button. In making this process as seamless as possible there is now an app called Wordcycler. To match up your Instapaper saved items simply connect your e-reader via USB to your computer and Wordcycler will fetch your unread items (in bulk if you want), save them on the device as single articles and will eject them for you if you want. Deleting items automatically archives them on your Instapaper account.

So if you have an e-reader, and an Instapaper account (get one if you don’t have one already), check out this great app and read newspapers on your own time.

– By J. Mason