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Tip of the Day: Download Your Lectures and Assignments


Sometimes folks forget that they can print their assignments.  They just assume that an online classroom means that you have to read everything electronically.  Especially in this day and age when we’re all worried about waste and the environment. 

However, too often, important information is missed when reading on the computer. Print off lectures and assignments and store them in a folder near your workstation so that the information is available any time you need to quickly reference it.  You can print on recycled paper, with recycled ink and then recycle your notes after your course is complete.  By having a well organized well documented set of syllabi and course materials, you’ll be able to reference things from previous weeks quickly and efficiently. 

Additionally, by printing your assignments, you’ll be able to easily take notes and highlight important passages in the materials.  Just because you’re taking a class online with an e-book, that doesn’t mean you cannot print.   Also, if you have computer or internet access issues down the road, you’ll buy your self some extra time by printing assignments out early.

(source: Online Education Database)

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