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My 3 Words for Education Are…


“Never stop learning.”

This is a mentality I take to heart and act on everyday. Whether I’m enrolled in school or not, I’m constantly educating myself. It’s not just about keeping the mind sharp, but treating your brain to bits of information that you don’t want to live without. Education is cultivation, expansion, and enlightenment. It can be a drag, but it can also make your day.

In the spirit of Good Morning America’s campaign on sending in your “three words” I wanted to share mine on education, and ask what yours are. Do you have just three words to describe learning? What comes to mind when you start a new set of classes at your online school? Has school always been on your list, or is it something to consider to brighten your future? Whatever your words, please share them.

I believe education is culturing yourself, it’s sophistication of the mind, and enlightenment. It expands your boundaries of control, and transforms what you thought you knew and molds it into something greater. Every class you have with a professor you learn something. For me, learning new things is like TLC for the brain. Whether it’s from a single assignment where you learned the 3 states of matter, or you learned how to finally format your paper in APA style. Or finding out there’s a better way to solve an equation by simply downloading the latest app. Education is a way of nuturing your instincts and developing them into a higher state.

Never stop giving yourself the chance to absorb more culture, science, innovation, health, wealth and technology. So pick up a book, check out a library or local used bookstore, join an education forum where likeminded lovers of learning congregate (like a book group) and get wrapped up with your cultivation.

What are your 3 words for describing education and learning?

– By J. Mason