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Start the New Year With a Bang, Not a Boom: Don’t Take on Too Much Too Soon


Although you may want to sign up for as many classes as possible, taking only one or two in the beginning is the best way to go. That way you’ll be able get a feel for how many hours you need to dedicate to your classes each week. By starting slow, you’ll learn to pace yourself without being overwhelmed as well as what other life commitments will just have to go in order for your online learning experience to be a success.

It’s easier to add additional courses the next semester than it is to drop or fail out of one now. Remember, online college classes are just as challenging and time consuming as the classes at a campus university. It definitely won’t be a walk in the park.

Try some simple online tools and sites to lighten the burden of having to motivate and keep yourself organized.

And for some other ways to keep your head above ground and not buried going into the new year of classes are these great tips:

  • Make a schedule of when you’ll respond to discussion board posts
  • Track when you need to work on papers, posts for the class, and studying
  • Make friends in the class; this way you can brainstorm for the tougher assignments
  • Become a cheerleader for yourself and peers;  keeps you motivated with the small and large projects
  • Equally space out your priorities. Just because you’re in school doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a life. Take a few hours a week for yourself if you can to reflect and re-energize

Source: Education.org