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DIY Education


I’ve been on a DIY kick lately. Everything from making floating shelves for my house, crafting projects for the holidays, to teaching myself new things. For example, I try to read at a minimum 5 articles or blog posts a day. And when I find a particularly amusing or insightful video I watch it to hopefully learn something from it.

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Even though you’re already enrolled in school, the learning shouldn’t come from just that source; especially if you’re learning online. Since you don’t have the enforcement of a physical classroom and teacher you’re responsible for attending class and handing in your work. And to take it one step further, consider the research you put into your assignments. That’s one way of DIY. Or reading a book not on the syllabus, checking out scholarly journals because of an interesting story you saw on the news. It comes down to feeding your curiosity, and how hungry your mind is to absorb new information.

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So if you’re craving a lesson on using Photoshop, or how to make your own office shelves, then indulge yourself. You don’t need to limit your brain span to just classwork. Who knows, doing some scholastic digging can bring about amazing results. You may find a connection with something in one of your classes, or you can dazzle your professor when it comes time to create a discussion post.

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– By J. Mason