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Reading Online Just Got Better


If you’re looking to hone your skills in technology, business and management, or creative aspirations then there’s a great site that may fit your needs. It’s called Safari Books Online.

A resource of over 30,000 books and videos available to you completely online. You can sign up for a free trial, but the membership is very minimal and more cost effective than some books. They have a range of topics including programming, graphic design, operating systems, digital photography, project management, human resource management. The great thing about this online resource is that you can personalize your account. Whether you decide to save the books to folders in your account for reading online, or highlighting text that you can print later, or just basic organization and categorizing.

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Another great feature of this website is the access to “rough cuts”. You can access books as their being written, and can view cutting edge topics as provide your own feedback.

There are numerous perks to reading online.

  • You can just as easily highlight your text and print it from home
  • E-books and periodicals are mobile, and can be accessed from anywhere
  • You can share the books with friends
  • Easier to preserve your notes and books for later viewing

If you haven’t converted some of your reading to the online format yet, give it a try today by checking out their site.

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– By J. Mason