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Tip of the Day: Be Polite!


This may be common sense, but still very important to remember. Try to maintain a positive and constructive tone in your online communications. Direct and vigorous discussions are usually welcomed in any online course, and in fact contribute to the learning experience.

However, vindictive, sarcastic or other types of negative comments come across poorly and may lead to an equally hostile reaction from others involved. Burning bridges between your professors and/or fellow students will only get in the way of you having a successful learning experience. If you feel yourself getting too emotionally involved or riled up with a back and forth debate in a particular online classroom discussion or e-mail thread, take a step back and count to 10. This will give yourself a chance to calm down before responding in a way you’ll later regret.

Also, before you post anything significant, make sure you proofread it!  Just because it’s a forum or e-mail, doesn’t mean your excused for proper punctuation, capitalization, grammar and spelling.  Leave the text message lingo for your friends. Yes, that means no LOLs in online learning.

If you think you might be posting something too provocative, type it up but don’t post it. Come back an hour later and re-read it to see if it is still appropriate. Above all else, if you would be embarrassed if you parents read your message or post, then its probably not appropriate.

– Online Learning Tips Staff

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