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Podcast: Top 5 Posts for Online Learners


In this special podcast I reveal my top 5 blog posts from OLT. I hand picked these based on their relevance, reference, and relation to the great mission of learning online. Take a listen to hear my take on my favorites, listed below.

[audio:http://wpc.242F.edgecastcdn.net/00242F/audio/olt-editors-five-favorite-blog-posts-podcast.mp3|titles=Top 5 Posts for Online Learners|artists=J. Mason]

J. Mason’s Top 5:

  1. Staying Engaged; Both Socially and Scholastically.
  2. How to Find Scholarly Research Online.
  3. Utilizing Psychological Techniques for Creativity in Classes.
  4. How Online Students Can Beat Burnout.
  5. What to Expect Your First Week of School Online.

Want to hear why these posts are bookmark worthy? Listen to my podcast and my rundown on the top 5.

– By J. Mason