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Hidden Gems: 5 Places to Bookmark if You Haven’t Already


Every student should have a go-to list of websites when they need either inspiration for class, or a good resource for information. To get you started I’ve created the list below for you to pull from. And if you’re looking for more great resources check out the new Ask an Advisor section, and some more resource links.

Some great links for students:

  1. Nursing Crib – Another way for nursing students to connect with each other and stay in the loop on medical breakthroughs and surviving the program.
  2. PicktheBrain – If you need a creative outlet try this blog. They have great posts for everyday problems, as well as creative solutions relative to keeping yourself motivated.
  3. Football Coach 360 – Do you love coaching? This blog is great for those looking for insight into the dynamic industry. Information provided by students and faculty at American Public University along with guest contributing football coaches around the world.
  4. History Degrees Online – If you’re a history buff give this new blog a chance and check out the latest post on FDR’s inauguration.
  5. InHomelandSecurity – Interested in what’s going on stateside? Or maybe you want to get a better idea of what you’ve seen in the news lately on homeland defense.

– By J. Mason