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Philanthropy 101: Donating Your Time for a Good Cause


The definition of philanthropy, according to Merriam-Webster, is “goodwill to fellow members of the human race; especially an active effort to promote human welfare.” Donating time is something a lot of people don’t have the resources for, but when they do that time makes a big impact on people’s lives.

Being an online student shouldn’t be limiting in the activities you can perform with your university. If you’re looking to give back to a great cause, or want to put a touch of philanthropy and community service on your record then consider these options to find the right “volunteer fit” for you.

  • Volunteer Match: This group pairs you up with an organization for volunteer work based on your availability and location.
  • United We Serve – For ‘National and Community Service.’ This source is to help you find volunteer opportunities in your community and to create your own volunteer project.
  • Volunteer Abroad – The International Volunteer Programs Association is involved with international volunteer work and internship exchanges. If you’re overseas this is a good group to follow and get involved with if they have anything in your area.
  • Virtual Philanthropy – Check out the Chronicle of Philanthropy if you’re looking for more ways to give, besides your time. They have great advice on organizing your own charity, fund raising, a great community, as well as some great stories to share.

So if you’ve been thinking of a way to give back start today, start small if you can. Even donating  clothes to Goodwill, or food to a church or food bank makes a big difference.

By J. Mason