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Spy on Yourself to See How Productive You’re Being


Spy on yourselfWonder where all your time has gone? If you find you don’t have the time to get all your classwork done then maybe you need to do a little detective work to see where it’s all being spent.

Rescue Time is a great time management tool that “spies” on your activity on the computer and will report it to you. By using this tool you can re-evaluate how you’re spending your time online and adjust to be more productive with schoolwork.

Think of this tool as a way of keeping yourself online. So if you know you spend too much time on social networks, which is great for communicating with peers and gathering new information, it can start eat away at productivity in school and at home. Be your own PI and read about the benefits of this great new tool that can completely change how you use your time.

By J. Mason