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APU and NVCC Sign Transfer Credit Agreement


Cool news, readers!

American Public University (APU), part of American Public University System, and Northern Virginia Community College today announced a transfer credit agreement. NOVA is Virginia’s largest institution of higher education and one of America’s largest community colleges.

The announcement reflects APU’s continued commitment to provide a ready pathway for community college graduates to continue their studies toward a bachelor’s degree, according to APUS President and CEO Dr. Wallace E. Boston.

“We’re very pleased to partner with Northern Virginia Community College, which shares our mission to provide access to an affordable, quality, post-secondary education to students,” said Boston. “This agreement will enable NOVA graduates to continue their education online with APU while working in their chosen profession.”

NOVA graduates can apply their eligible associate degree credits in a block format toward junior status at APU for the completion of bachelor’s degrees in subject areas ranging from history, intelligence studies and management to marketing, security management and sports and health sciences, among many others.

You can read about the full agreement here.