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Educational Fears – What’s Your Nightmare?


Educational Fears: What's Your Nightmare?We’re all afraid of something. Whether it’s a fear of the unknown, spiders (like me), the dark, and even getting an education. Some of us working hard to obtain a degree may have common worries like failing a class, finding the time to get all your work done, or possibly being tested on something you didn’t learn. All of these fears have ground, and are common, but can be beat by being proactive and prepared.

Even for the most seasoned online learner, there can be a whole list of worries and concerns about getting through school. Here is a list of common fears among online learners, and ways to combat them:

  • “I won’t have enough time for my family.”
    • Solution: Get your family involved in your learning. Instead of flying solo with your assignments, get your kids, spouse, pet, involved in what you’re taking in. It gives them a chance to spend time with you, and could help you approach the topic from a different angle.
  • “I’ll waste a lot of time finding something I want to major in.”
  • “None of my previous credits will apply, and I’ll have to start all over again.”
    • Solution: Depending on your schools transfer credit policy you can transfer up to a certain amount towards your degree. You can also earn credit for prior learning.
  • “Time management is my weak point. I get sweaty palms when I see a due date because I don’t know how I’ll get it done on time.”
    • Solution: Time management is a common problem for a majority of students. To be able to tame it, you need to get a handle on how you budget your time. You balance your checkbook, or keep tabs on how much you spend right? Well consider doing the same for your schoolwork. As the saying goes, “time is money,” don’t waste yours not working hard towards a goal.
  • “I’ll become more and more withdrawn the further I get into my program since I don’t see people face to face for class.”
    • Solution: Just because your class is virtual and your communication tool is a computer or smartphone doesn’t mean you can’t be just as social. Most schools have everything from discussion boards to virtual student unions and Facebook pags dedicated to the students at the school.

Whatever your fears may be, it’s worth talking to a peer about. If you have concerns about the school it never hurts to talk to current students or an admissions representative. Education isn’t something to be afraid of, instead it should be looked at as a challenge to be overcome.

[Online University – Is it Right for Me?]

By: J. Mason



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