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What is an Online Student?


What is an Online Student?This type of student has many names and faces, all of which may only be seen through social media profile pages. You won’t see their face in the classroom, but you’ll know they’re there because of their discussion posts and assignments. An online student is atypical of a college student. The norms go out the window with getting an online education.

Online students chose the more nontraditional education route for a variety of reasons. For example:

  • Full-time job, no time to commute to campus
  • Full-time parent (single or married)
  • Financial reasons
  • All of the above: convenience of learning was a top priority

It varies person to person, but an online students profile is changing daily. Curious to learn more about what a nontraditional studentcan be? Read more from on of APU’s students Panteha, a hard-working  mother, has to say about her experience as an online student.

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By J. Mason