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5 Productive Ways to Procrastinate


5 Productive Ways to ProcrastinateIt sounds like a dirty word, procrastinating, but it has this negative connotation because of the stuff you’re not doing. Let me explain, as a student sometimes getting a paper written seems impossible. Either your favorite show is on that night, you want to go to sleep early, or you just don’t feel like doing it. Problem is, you need to finish your work for class or you won’t pass! Remember that the next time you pull up excuses to put off classwork.

Now, I have a better solution…procrastinate productively. I’ve mentioned before that you should get on your own procrastination production schedule, and this is closely related. Here are my 5 ways of procrastinating productively:

  1. Research topics related to your classes. You’re not exactly working on your paper, but at least you’re getting background information for when you’re ready to dive in.
  2. Watch the news. Or if weather is your thing, tune into the weather channel. You can get your fill of current events here, and if you’re an avid TV viewer then this may quench your daily need to watch.
  3. Visit your student lounge/discussion board. You don’t have to actively participate, yet, but by seeing what others are chatting about or working on may inspire you to do the same.
  4. Run your errands. Get your grocery shopping and bill paying out of the way for the week. It’ll get you out of the house and away from your computer. This way when you sit back down the excuse that you have things to do is null and void.
  5. Plan out the weekend, or your next outing. While planning make the restriction be that the trip won’t happen if x, y, and z assignments don’t get completed.

By: J. Mason