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Create an Emergency Contact List for School


Create an Emergency Contact List for School

Who do you contact the most at your school? Is it financial aid, your advisor, or someone through social media? Do you have their contact information at the ready, or do you always have to scour the website or your sent emails? It may be in your best interest to create an emergency contact list for the big departments at your school.

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Make a virtual list and then print it out and post it new your work desk at home. Your virtual list you could possibly turn into a PDF, like you should with your syllabus! This way you can access this list from your smartphone, and other e-reader type devices. Include on your list the contact name of the person from each group you list, as well as a phone number and email address.

If you’re new to school then visit your schools “contact us” webpage. They’ll have all of the departments listed there for your reference.

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