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Find Your Niche and Apply it to Your Studies


Find Your NicheWe all have something we’re good at. Whether it’s writing long papers without straying from the topic, or arguing a point without losing your position, this is what you would call your niche. Having something you can consider yourself an expert in is something worth bragging about and building upon.

Being really good at one specific thing can be a great confidence booster. The more you work at fine-tuning that skill, the more of an expert you can become. College is a process that in a way is great for sharpening your best skills, and also discovering others you didn’t know you had. So if you’re not that great at writing long papers, but you have to write them for your online classes, explore what else is closely related to writing. Are you good at arguing a point? Do you favor conducting research over putting your thoughts into words? While you may not think these different skills relate to one another, they really do.

If you’re more of a social thinker, utilize your social skills to be a leader in your schools Facebook page. Ask your questions out loud and gain a new peer group in the process. This different way of thinking can give you new skills that will help you get through the more difficult courses, and along the way you may find you’re better at some things than you thought you were.

“I find that a great part of the information I have, was acquired by looking up something and finding something else on the way.” ~ Franklin Pierce Adams

Whatever your specialty may be, make sure you explore it to its full potential.

By: J. Mason