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For the Love of Books and Reading on the Go


For the Love of Books and Reading on the GoAll book lovers have at least one thing in common, they love to read. The likeness starts to blur when it comes to paperback, hardback, or e-readers.

For hardcore book enthusiasts, like myself, it’s hard to let go of walking into a bookstore and grabbing a new novel and a coffee. The process of purchasing new literature is so simple now that you can have your new book and be halfway through it while I would be still driving over to the bookstore. But even tangible book lovers can convert to the e-reader, I have.

There’s a lot to love in an e-reader. They’re lightweight, they can hold thousands of books and magazines, and you don’t need two hands to hold all the pages back; all you need is your thumb or index finger to hit the next page.

Now here’s the burning question, how many online learners have e-readers now? At American Public University we got some great tips from our own students who use e-readers to ease some of the strain from class. They take a syllabus, convert to a PDF and save it on their e-reader so it’s portable for classwork. Great right? Do you use an e-reader for class? If so, answer our poll below on your favorite and tell us how you use it for class.

By: J. Mason
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