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Be More Efficient in School: Get Classwork Done Strategically



How to be more efficient in your online classesOne of my favorite games growing up was Battleship. You know, it was like the Go Fish of war games. You set up your ships where you think your opponent will never guess, and the one with the most ships still standing at the end wins. Well, if you’ve been struggling with your classwork lately trying a Battleship approach may help.

What does your current set-up for getting papers and reading done for class look like? Do you have reminders in your phone and just get to it when you can? A lot of students have more than just school going on in their lives, so it would serve them better to be more strategic in how they tackle school work. Try approaching class like you would your job.

When you have a big project to work on, you consider all the variables, and have multiple conversations on the most effective way(s) to get it done. Why not approach school the same way? As we’ve suggested in the past print out your syllabus for each class, make a list of the assignments do that week and the long term projects worth a big portion of your grade. Map out your most available days to get work done, and set tasks for yourself to have “objectives” for those classes complete on those days. Make sure you know what you’re working towards, it’ll make the end product more dynamic and it will help you develop better project management skills you can apply to your job as well.

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By: J. Mason