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How to Intern as an Online Student


How to Intern as an Online StudentAn internship is more than coffee runs and the typical administrative work. It’s on-the-job training made to enhance the student’s learning experience in a specific industry. Just because you attend college online does not mean you’re out of the running to intern for a company.

A great resource to students at any school should be the career services group. Here you can get advice for career planning, networking, job seeking tips, and internships. It’s also where they list FAQs on the matter of applying for internships, as well as advice on what may be a good fit for your industry. To get an advantage in the internship line up make sure you have access to the following:

Make sure you take advantage of the resources made available to you by your school. Just because you attend class online doesn’t mean you can’t follow the same route as a brick and mortar student…mainly in the area of interning. It’s more valuable work experience that can give you a taste of the sector you’re looking to enter into after you’ve finished your degree.

By: J. Mason