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Check Out eBooks Instantly From the Library


Check out ebooks from the libraryIf you have an e-reader you know the advantages of them. Besides being easier to flip pages, you can also download new books within seconds while going about your daily errands. If it’s been a while since you’ve been out to your local public library, but you want to take advantage of the “free” books you can borrow, try downloading a few.

I came across this great post on the Assistive Technology blog on how “Kindle eBooks From Public Library Are Now Available.” Now this post itself only applies to Kindle’s, but there are other ways to download books from your local library on other e-readers. The app that makes this download possible is OverDrive. Currently it’s compatible with every e-reader on the market. It allows you to search for your library, or certain educational materials needed for class or research purposes. Utilizing your school’s library is always a good way to go as well, but consider this another option when looking for a good book to read in your downtime.

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By: J. Mason