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5 Types of Emails Students Shouldn’t Delete


5 Types of Emails Online Students Should ReadSometimes your email can turn into a hot mess. If you don’t have items organized into folders, then you’re logging into a swamp meet of different activities and action items. Does your online school send a lot of University-wide emails? If the answer is yes, how many have you opened and how many immediately got deleted? If you’re deleting more than reading then you need to take a second look at what’s being sent to your inbox. Don’t be so quick on the trigger to remove what may look like extraneous content.

Emails you SHOULD hold onto:

  1. University newsletter – Since you’re online you won’t be walking to the quad to look at the pock marked bulletin boards for school events and schools. This keeps you up to date of what other students are up to, and possible changes being made that could benefit you.
  2. Technology updates – These should be flagged if possible for high importance. You’ll want to know when there’s maintenance, a found glitch, or tech upgrades.
  3. Anything from your professor – It goes without saying that you need a CYA file for classes as well. Hold onto these emails as a reference point later.
  4. University activities or information sessions –  Even if it is from marketing it could be educational, and a great way to interact with your classmates. Attend a webcast in your sunj
  5. Letters from the Provost/President – While these might be less riveting, it’s a good idea to see what’s on the mind of the leader of your school and what their latest message to students is.

By: J. Mason