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A Guide to Online Group Work


group work, group projectsA huge thanks to eLearners.com for inspiring this post!

For online and offline students alike, group work can mean headaches.  It’s tough coordinating schedules, personalities, priorities, etc. But, fear not, loyal readers! We’ve come to your rescue.

Check out these tips to group work in an online setting!

  1. Bond with your team members
  2. Clearly identify (and assign) the work required
  3. Identify clear tasks necessary to accomplish the goal
  4. Simplify the tasks and break them up into steps
  5. Develop a communication plan
  6. Build in rewards for working together

As far as I’m concerned, my top tip form this list is the communication plan. When you’re bringing people from different time zones, backgrounds, experiences together… it’s paramount that you establish expectations and even rules for communication.  Is your team going to touch base daily by 10pm EST? Weekly on Sundays? Figure out what works best for everyone and go from there.

If you want to read more about the tips above, check out this guide!

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By N. Cooper