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Read Out Loud: And Other Ways to Get Out of a Reading Rut


It’s not true that professors like loading you up with busy work such as reading. They’re actually assigning you pages they find necessary to the subject they’re teaching. Perhaps you recently had to scour 70 pages to be caught up by the next discussion post, it’s likely that you hate your book right now, and the act of reading.

Don’t let the endless supply of pages and new information overwhelm you into a frustrated stupor, instead try these tips to avoid a reading rut:

  • Read out loud: You can whisper to yourself if you’re in public. Hearing the text may help it click better, and it keeps different parts of your brain engaged during the process.
  • Stop and reflect: If you’re at a point in the chapter that’s a bit more complex, then stop and sketch out what you’re reading. Drawing a scenario will help you to remember it better as well.
  • Cut up the reading into smaller sections: Let’s say you have 6 chapters to read, chop it up by chapter, or by subject matter. That way you can prioritize the content.
  • Discuss the material: You can do this with a family member, friend, or co-worker. Even though they may not know what you’re talking about up front, it will give you a chance to explain what you’re learning, in turn creating more interest to finish what you’ve started reading.
  • Make it an event: If you are able to meet up with classmates, set up a virtual or live event to meet in real time and “read” together. You can read the same material and make notes, or read separate chapters and get together in the middle.

With online education reading is an essential part of the process. If reading was fun before you started school, then it should continue to be fun. Try these tips, or add a few of your own. Don’t let reading for class get tedious, develop an engaging system so you don’t slack off on your reading assignments for class.

By: J. Mason