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Rethink Your Body’s Energy Usage and Be More Productive


Have you caught yourself staring at the computer screen lately, mind a blur, drool dribbling down your chin, and papers strewn everywhere? Do you know the signs of burnout when you see them, because if you don’t you may be headed for a widespsread circuit combustion if you’re not careful.

Like a computer, the more items running in the background the slower the computer. When you over extend yourself you get burned out quicker, and the projects you’re working on for school can suffer in terms of quality. Make sure to check your internal “task manager” to see where your energy usage is being spent, it could help you out in the long run.

Here’s a great list of energy zappers from Sherrie Bourg Carter, Psy.D. via High Octane Women:

  • Wearing tight clothes
  • Sporting high heels
  • Clutter
  • Working straight through without breaking
  • Negative people
  • Heavy lunches and junk food

Most online students work from the comfort of their couch or home office, so the heels may not be applicable, but uncomfortable clothing could be. Wear sweats, or slightly looser clothing when you’re powering through a big term paper. As for clutter, it causes anxiety, and gives you something else to be distracted about. If you don’t have time to tidy up a certain area move to a different part of the house with minimal distractions.

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Working straight through can be very daunting, and puts a lot of pressure on yourself to finish by a certain time. Space out the work, and don’t put it off!

Last but not least, negative people and food. If your friends or family have nothing positive to say at a time of high stress, tell them (politely) you’ll talk later and leave it at that. And junk food, while tasty it’s a wreck on our bodies. The heavier the meal the more sluggish you’ll feel, and motivation will take a rest with you.

If you’ve felt like you’re on hyper speed lately then you probably need to slow down a bit. Take the time to prioritize what you’re working on, and find a happy medium that fits with your class schedule and time constraints.

By: J. Mason