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Set Realistic Education Goals for the New Year


There’s only a few days left in 2011, so make the best of the time you have left. While a new year for many is simply changing the page on the calendar, others view it as the time to set new goals and guidelines to follow in their lives. You’ll need to decide if you want a wish list, or a task list.

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Here’s the difference with the two. A “wish list” is usually full of lofty goals that would be nice to have done or accomplished, but not necessarily possible due to time constraints and other factors. A “task list” is self-explanatory. This is a list of things that you know must get done, because other variables depend on their completion. The shoot for the moon type of goals are great motivators, but can be a let-down if you never get around to them. Instead set yourself up for success, expect less and produce more.

You can start out simple by creating a to-do list for the month of January. Everyday items are expected and recurring, but then sprinkle in 1 thing you haven’t started yet, like a class. Once you start crossing things off you’re in the next month. As you start to work through the beginning of the year you can gradually add in more long term goals, and keep up the pace with your everyday.

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The more realistic an expectation you set to something, the more likely you’ll be able to accomplish the end result. Don’t put too much weight on yourself, and make sure to keep sight of the top tier priorities. If you’re in class, that should probably be maintained on your weekly schedule as a constant. Keep your family in the loop of goals they can help with. The more support you have, the better.

By: J. Mason