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Create Multiple Cheat Sheets for School


I’m not speaking specifically about the cheat sheets you made in grade school for┬átests, I mean sheets with shortcuts, and tool tips.

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You may have post-its plastered like wallpaper around your desk at home, some with random thoughts and others with tips like Ctrl + C = copy. It’s a great idea to keep these around and within eyesight, or you can create a post-it on your computer’s desktop. If you aren’t sure what type of cheat sheets to make and have on hand check out my list of suggestions below.

  • Keyboard shortcuts: With the fast pace that our fingers move, (thank you texting!), it’s nice to have 2 or 3 button solutions that save you extra clicks on the mouse.
  • Program shortcuts: If you use programs like Excel and Word there’s always something new to learn. Building spreadsheets can be a pain, but when you know some tricks to save time it can go from being cumbersome to a great resource.
  • Classroom tricks: Every online school supplies students with a resource center to navigate around the online environment. Bookmark this page, and either print it out or scribble down the ones you use on a daily basis for a reminder.
  • Bibliography help: There are plenty of great applications on the web that can do this for you, but when it comes down to it you’ll need to know the basics yourself. Print out guidelines from your University’s library or resource center. Always double check your work before submitting!
  • Formulas: Whether you’re in math, or trying to remember the “formula” for APA style for a paper, make this an important sticky note. Being able to physically see the layout beforehand can help with comprehension, and of course it’s a good reminder to have on hand.

If you have any great suggestions for cheat sheets let us know!

By: J. Mason