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Go Public After Completing a Goal


What are your goals for the year? Have you broken it down into months, or do you have a weekly goal campaign? Whatever your method is, make sure you have a way of tracking your success along the way, and having a follow-up to ensure they get done.

There’s nothing that pushes a person harder than their peers. Personal drive is great, but the need to impress is pretty high too. You brag on Facebook when you aced a class, you don’t necessarily share that you’re failing a class,  unless you’re looking for sympathy or help. With this social interaction in mind, you should try a new way of completing your resolutions…expose the completed ones to your social network.

A great tool just came out, called iDoneThis, which will help you share your mission(s) for the year with others. The point behind it is to track your resolutions, and match you with others trying complete similar things. This way if you get stuck trying to train for your first marathon, you can find inspiration from others trying for the same. If school is making you hit a wall, this tool will help get you on track.

By: J. Mason