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Define Your Learning Style to Maximize Retention


What’s your preference for absorbing information? Are you tactile (touch), auditory (sound), or visual (sight)? You may think that you’re limited to only sound and sight as an online student, but you can easily modify your home learning environment to fit your needs. Once you’ve identified where your mind is at, you’ll be able to adopt new learning methods that will compliment your experience in the classroom.

Define your learning style.

  1. Visual learners learn best through their eyes.
  2. Auditory learners obtain information best through their ears.
  3. Tactile leaners absorb knowledge through their hands.

Take the time to observe yourself, and how you relay information in a subject. If you find yourself doing a search for videos and podcasts then you should focus on tuning your skills in the auditory direction. Here’s a great post on how to “Maximize Your Learning Style in School and Life.” It’s has great suggestions and exercises for fine-tuning your learning skills.

By: J. Mason