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Take a Snapshot of Your Education


A picture says a thousand words right? Well, if you were to take a picture of your classes, or online experience, how would that look? A screenshot of your online classroom may not be the most appealing thing to show friends and family, unlike a cute baby or cat picture. What you can do is “snap” a picture by detailing what you’ve learned, and where your education is taking you.

Being an online learner already makes you stand out. At American Public University our students consider themselves to be a community of learners. Along with the help of the faculty and staff, we help encourage peer to peer interaction virtually. If you haven’t experienced this for yourself yet, your next steps should be to reach out to your classmates.

Describing your degree is great to a potential employer, but the experience is what helps create lasting skills and habits. Another approach would be to pretend you’re writing an email to a distant relative about your online experience. How would you detail your weekly routine? If you were asked about the workload and the types of assignments you get, what couple words would really encapsulate that? What can this experience be compared to, and what besides industry knowledge are you taking away from it? These may have been some of the questions you asked yourself while researching schools, but it’s always good to revisit while in the program. It helps to create a new vigor for program you’re working on.

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The snapshot of your education is all about portrayal. It’s how you see your online education, and how you optimize it to benefit your learning needs to the highest measure. If you could take a picture, what would your online experience look like?

By: J. Mason